About KDM Business Consulting

KDM is a certified public accounting firm, dedicated to providing concierge accounting and bookkeeping services to budding small businesses and individual clients in need of our expertise.

We specialize in the integration and operation of your accounting and payroll services, focusing on growth and profitability. We can also provide comprehensive tax services for businesses and individuals. You choose the level of service that best suits your business structure & accounting needs.

Our ultimate goal is to efficiently enhance the financial condition of your business.

Korosh Daryabeygi

President & CEO
QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification


Korosh Daryabeygi has over 20 years experience in accounting and business management consulting.

With a strong business operations and IT background, Korosh brings his nuanced understanding of debits and credits to any organization. As a consultant, he has been successful in communicating within the context of any business, and can assert a business’ needs with all stakeholders in a manner which they understand. As a Certified Public Accountant, he has been able to blend his finance expertise with valuable consulting advice, proving to be a strategic business asset.

Having lived and traveled throughout his 20 year career for work in the United Kingdom, Sweden, and the United States, Korosh acquired valuable international business experience which he now shares with clients of KDM.

Our Approach

KDM is focused on growing small business by providing CFO services in the greater Los Angeles area. Our approach differs greatly from other accounting firms, placing an emphasis on integrating technology and improving overall workflow with automated daily functions that limit data entry and mitigate human error. For example, we have helped many companies save time and money by transitioning desktop programs and heavy manual entry to exclusively using the cloud, thus decreasing the number of platforms used and creating a holistic software environment. Most importantly, we make sense of the data collected by providing easily accessible reports that can be shared with staff, investors, and board members.

Why Choose Us?


Less time spent on payroll and finances means more time for revenue-generating tasks.


Feel confident that your business’ accounting is in the right hands.


Your records are securely stored and backed up, safe from system crashes.


We tailor our systems and provide flexible solutions to all your accounting needs.


We bridge the gap between business and technology to provide transparent, easily-navigated solutions.

Our Services

At KDM Business Consulting, we provide on-going accounting services, like payroll and bookkeeping, for your company’s day-to-day operations. Dependent on your needs, we can provide a dedicated, short-term specialist to assist you with your initial set-up, or to focus on a specific financial project. Our seasoned team will plan, manage, and execute individual financial projects such as payroll or audit preparation - freeing up your time to concentrate on your business.

KDM offers flexible solutions with personalized on-site and off-site support. We utilize QuickBooks and other applications to produce the efficiency and accuracy your business requires to succeed.


Precise and reliable support, ranging from basic accounting to complete financial oversight.


Tax planning, preparation and support for different forms of companies as well as personal accounts.


Accurate and affordable solutions for small businesses (1-49 employees).


Let our years of experience contribute to your success with financial guidance - regardless of industry, size of business, or project scope.

We also offer Training and Recruiting services. As companies begin to scale, we often see them outgrow their outsourced accountant and need to place one in-house. This can become a complicated process, and we assist in the search and qualification process. Once an appropriate candidate is found, we train and transition them to successfully take this task off the business owner's plate.

Payroll in Depth

Spending too much time on payroll? Afraid of mistakes that could lead to IRS penalties? Paying a lot for payroll services?

Whatever your payroll question, we are here to help. You can rely on us for top quality service all year long!

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Automatic Time Tracking

Save time and reduce costly errors by allowing your employees to track their own hours online and eliminate double input. It can be a real pain to track employee hours and re-enter the data, especially when you have to follow complicated overtime rules.
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Join Our Team

We are currently hiring accounting and finance personnel at all levels. KDM works with a team-based approach, with all our employees working on multiple companies and multiple tasks. If you have accounting experience, a solid understanding of QuickBooks, and want to expand your experience working with multiple clients, please apply today by contacting us below!

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